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Ghanaian Rapper ALIGATA Mushes It Up Wiv GYPTIAN

Ghanaian Rapper ALIGATA Mushes It Up Wiv GYPTIAN

Ghanaian rapper ALIGATA mushes it up wiv GYPTIAN on the "i can feel your pain".ALIGATA also just released a brand new classic hip-hop record titled JUST DO IT. A classic record that is gradually getting rotation on the various radio stations in Accra and Ironically Overseas through the power of the internet...Download the song and have a feel for yourself..Bet you it will make your day everyday

ALIGATA is also NO.1 On ReverbNation RAP Chart For Accra & NO.5 From GHANA.. (Official Proof)>>

ALIGATA is a lead artist from the S.L.U,  a boyband comprising mainly of past emcees who have a link to Swesco or Agona Swedru at large. S.L.U itself can stand for many acronyms: 1.Street Lords Unit 2.Swedru Lyrical Union 3. Soo Lyrically Unique et cetera

the Lyrical phase of SLU comprises of ALIGATA, BLACkKEY & LORD SLY with other brothers like LOBSTA, CZA,METHOD, GABBY, ABATWE, XTACY, PUFFY, CAGES, ICE-T, FRANK BROWN just to mention a few. SLU Comes through with individual artists belonging to the same click.

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