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female Jennifer NNAWUBA Send Message
Height 178 cm
Weight 63.00 kg
Bust 88.00 cm
Waist 68.00 cm
Hip 68.00 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Auburn
Dress Up / Down 8/8
Dress Jeans 8
Shoes 8
Total Vote Total Vote : 0
Vote Ratio Vote Ratio : %0
Total View Total View : 1123
Member Type Individual Member
Member Category Model, Cast, Backstage, Host / Hostess,
Name / Surname Jennifer NNAWUBA
Birth Date 08.10.2001
Username Jen.uba
Country Ghana
City Accra
Education Degree Secondary School
Main Language English
Other Languages [ES] - Spanish
Driver License No
Traveling Obstacle No
Military Service No

About I'm 14. A Nigerian living in Ghana. Love to gain new experiences in craft work and meeting new people. I get inspired through traveling and visiting tourists sights. Love to write short stories and poems and as well get involved with paintings
Music / Instrument
Talent / Hobby / Fobby Read and write short stories and poems Create blogs Do African paintings Inspired by the world of fashion
Sports Swimming Basketball Handball Football