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Height 1.81 cm
Weight 57.00 kg
Bust 0.00 cm
Waist 32.00 cm
Hip 32.00 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Brunette
Dress Up / Down /
Dress Jeans 32
Shoes 43
Total Vote Total Vote : 1
Vote Ratio Vote Ratio : %30
Total View Total View : 1335
Member Type Individual Member
Member Category Model,
Name / Surname Vincent BEDZRA
Birth Date 20.03.1984
Username miessarlvin
Country Ghana
City Accra
Address P.O.BOX AN 11175 ACCRA-NORTH
Education Degree Master Degree
Main Language English
Other Languages [FR] - French
Occupation Model, Artists Management, Head of IT Operation
Agency Mercedes
Driver License (B Class) - Car, Minibus Truck
Traveling Obstacle No
Military Service No

Vincent Bedzra was born in Korle bu hospital, Accra. He grew up together with his sisters, Evelyn and Charity. Their parents, Joeffery, former electrical engineer, and Christian, met during college in Akosombo. Vincent grew up playing football, basketball, and baseball. He has Ewe and Twi ancestry.
While studying Computer Science and managements in the University. Vincent was signed with Kliff Models in Ho, volta region. His quick success moved him to Accrawhere he worked with Glitz Africa, Mercedes Benz African Fashion Festival, One Event Show Runway as Model, Naija Calypson Nite Runway. After Vincent graduated, he did his national service at Adidome municipal assembly where he serve the public for a year. He started managing movie artist Ludwig in 2011.

Due to the growing popularity he quickly understood the importance of preparation, hard work, and respect. He applied these values to endeavors by making an inventory of resources, planning his activities for efficiency, working on his goals every single day, and giving his body the necessary rest it needed to operate. His upbringing has completely supported his development.
When Vincent gets a break from the entertainment business, he loves to do his IT work, he's employed in one of the most popular financial institutions in Ghana where he played the role of an IT officer, and later became head of IT to the organization in 2014. Vincent enjoys running, singing, and playing snooker.

 He currently resides in Accra, where he continues to work on his craft.
Music / Instrument

Hip pop, R & B, Hip Life, Cools, Country Music, Dancehall, Keyboaed and paino

Talent / Hobby / Fobby

Modelling, reading, watching dcumentary, singing running.


Football, Baseball, Snooker, basketball