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male Chonqs Mahmudul Hasan OMAR FAROUQ Send Message
Height 186 cm
Weight 98.00 kg
Bust 0.00 cm
Waist 36.00 cm
Hip 36.00 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brunette
Dress Up / Down /
Dress Jeans
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Name / Surname Chonqs Mahmudul Hasan OMAR FAROUQ
Birth Date 23.10.1988
Username chonqs
Country Ghana
City Accra
Address Teshie Tsui Bleoo Accra
Education Degree Master Degree
Main Language English
Other Languages [] -
Driver License (B Class) - Car, Minibus Truck
Traveling Obstacle No
Military Service No


I'm an enthusiast about modelling, I wish to market myself out here and be part of the overly exciting experience of modelling.

I'm tall, handsome and built, just the right man you need for that show! wink

Music / Instrument

Hip hop

Talent / Hobby / Fobby

Fitness and Health (Gym)