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Height 169 cm
Weight 59.00 kg
Bust 33.00 cm
Waist 30.00 cm
Hip 30.00 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Skin Color Brunette
Dress Up / Down /
Dress Jeans
Shoes 19
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Vote Ratio Vote Ratio : %0
Total View Total View : 784
Member Type Individual Member
Member Category Model,
Name / Surname Dapo OKEOWO
Birth Date 01.04.1994
Username Mrconfam22
Country Nigeria
City Lagos
Education Degree Master Degree
Main Language English
Other Languages [] -
Occupation Fashion designer, Model and a photographer.
Driver License No
Traveling Obstacle No
Military Service No


Am a photographer, model and a fashion designer . I love modelling and fashion . 

Music / Instrument
Talent / Hobby / Fobby