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male Grace AGYEMANG Send Message
Height 5 cm
Weight 40.00 kg
Bust 30.00 cm
Waist 10.00 cm
Hip 10.00 cm
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Brown
Skin Color Brunette
Dress Up / Down Top /Jean
Dress Jeans Straight dress
Shoes Kicks and hills
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Name / Surname Grace AGYEMANG
Birth Date 19.08.1999
Username Melody
Country Ghana
City Kumasi
Address Plot 68/blkA
Education Degree High School
Main Language English
Other Languages [] -
Occupation Still a student
Website None
Agency None
Driver License No
Traveling Obstacle No
Military Service No

About I'm Grace and I'm 20yrs and also I'm still a student but interested in modeling and wants to love to be a model
Music / Instrument Gospel RnB/
Talent / Hobby / Fobby Singing and reading
Sports Basketball and football